Swap Engineering & Project Management Ltd is primarily involved in the installation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Sites, for Telecommunications and Broadcast Industries. It was established in February, 2006, as a division of Swap Technologies & Telecomms.

The company has the capacity to construct about 100 BTS Sites monthly for various operators. These BTS Sites are located in several parts of the country including Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Maiduguri, PortHarcourt, Enugu, Benin, Abuja, Ondo and Jos. Some of these BTS Sites are also located outside the country, precisely in Cote D’Ivoire.

Our high Competitive Strength is as a result of the fact that we supply and install all the materials required for Civil works on the sites. We are also involved in the supply and installation of Electrical materials on the sites.

We have competent project managers who oversee established pmo’s on all project locations.







Major Clients

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