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In recent years, the emergence of independent site providers, such as SWAP Technologies & Telecoms Ltd which finance, build and own site networks that can be shared by multiple carriers have revolutionized the way in which such carriers do business.

By leasing existing sites from independent site providers such as SWAP Technologies & Telecomms Plc, wireless carriers can direct more of their scarce financial and human resources to more critical needs. The problems usually encountered by operators in building their base stations include but not limited to site acquisition, BTS material availability, community issues, sites maintenance, huge initial capital outlay, and the need to be on air within a specific time limit; could be strenuous and very challenging to the operators. However, these could be prevented if there is an already built base station maintained by an independent site provider in a leasing arrangement. This is where SWAP Technologies & Telecomms Plc comes in to bridge the gap. In order to enable the operator have a ready-made base station on a lease arrangement the site can always be co- located among 2 or more operators.

— Guaranteed operational expenses relating to site and power.
— Rental includes absolute power guarantee.
— Roll out volume increased for same capital expenditure i.e. SWAP Technologies & Telecoms Plc puts up capital expenditure for shared sites.
— Lower cost of ownership due to multi tenant effect
— Tower ready for occupation, which enables the operator to be on air within shortest period of time.
— Generate more revenue
— Rapid expansion of customer base
— Become more competitive
— Reduced CAPEX

A Typical Site Design55/ 60m Medium duty tower structure to house antennas for at least 3 operators based on 3 panel antennas with microwaves dishes for backhaul configuration.
Secure, air conditioned shelter within compound for at least 3 operators with each operator having a dedicated shelter space.
DC power provided through Swap Technologies & Telecomms owned and managed batteries and rectifiers – optical. Swap Technologies & Telecomms also provides uninterrupted AC power through utility and generator.
— Vertical space for typical GSM/CDMA antenna configuration on tower (ready for immediate occupation)
— Vertical space on tower for fixing transmission equipment (microwave)
— Concrete base plus services ready for shelter.
— Remote monitoring of site plus equipment 24 X 7
— Guaranteed supply of power – PHCN plus 2 generators
— Air conditioned equipment shelter per operator
— 98.9% up time


Lease /Rental Regional Based & Negotiable
Region: Nigeria Federation
Payment Mode: by direct debit transfer into Swap Account with a designated bank.
Payment: To be guaranteed via an ISO (irrevocable standing order) to be signed by the operator.
Timing: payment to be received monthly in advance and least by 3rd working day of the month.
Contract Duration - 10 years (renewable)
Number of sites: 250 sites in various locations for the first phase.





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