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Managed Services

SWAP is a full turnkey mobile and wired telecommunications infrastructure construction and service company for the Cellular Network Services industry. We design, install, test and commission network systems for cellular call location, directives in many markets in the region. We provide engineering and technical services including civil engineering inspections of prospective sites, collection of data for RF coverage and site surveys for equipment installations and integration.

We provide a wide range of design services to plan, specify and define telecommunications systems. Our professionals interface closely with our customer and other project professionals to deliver a cost-effective, functional solution.

Core services include those disciplines relating to design and construction of radio frequency transmitter and antenna system, telecommunications centers, radio signal propagation, and facility electromagnetic RF shielding and RF security installation.

We emphasize efficient project planning, monitoring and management. Close adherence to safety regulations, codes, and recognized international standards, while realizing high project performance are core value 


  • Detailed site survey reports.
  • Reliable power, RF and signal cable runs with proper termination
  • Location units mounted in accordance with strict Carrier and manufacturer specifications
  • RF and Microwave Antenna installation, trouble shooting , testing & commissioning
  • Exhaustive equipment testing
  • Documentation of Carrier's existing infrastructure at cell site
  • Customized and detailed data entry forms for relevant RF and mechanical information of carrier's equipment specifications.
  • Perform path survey, path profiling, RF path, loss calculation and site design
  • Conduct on-site operation and maintenance


  • Provision of total turnkey solution for service providers/OEM
  • Provision of experienced RF specialists, site survey engineers, testing and commissioning engineers.
  • Proven project deployment expertise
  • Strategic nationwide project resource availability, ready to meet your demanding needs
  • Provision of Full Turnkey solutions for domestic and international clients


  • Resource Provision, Consultancy Services and Contracting
  • Initial site surveys for cellular/wireless networks
  • Site acquisitions
  • Cellular and wireless site construction
  • Upgrades, repairs and maintenance to existing sites
  • Onsite technical repair for vendor equipment.

Managed Services an activity that involves the outsourcing of the management of all the passive infrastructures of a BTS site by an operator to a third party is one of the key strengths of SWAP.

The objective is to ensure 99.9% uptime of the site by providing complete power solutions, Security as well as Tower Shelter maintenance solutions.

This service is also available in Ghana and Cote d’ivoire; use the links on the home page for more information about the service in these countries.

This section of our business was created in 2009 and this was necessitated by the fact that SWAP had its own network of Co-location sites to manage.

SWAP owns more than 250 sites (including a few under construction) and SWAP’s promise to its clients (GSM/ CDMA operators occupying the Tower space and shelter units) is to maintain 99.9% uptime for the clients’ network.

In its quest to achieve the targeted uptime, SWAP has put in place one of the Best teams in Nigeria in the field of Managed services.

SWAP now has a full-fledged Managed Services Team which can carry out all BTS managed services covering all passive equipments (and even first line active infra maintenance service) for the GSM and CDMA operators.

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